Kanye West Gave A Drunk Speech Last Night


Surrounded by hip-hop elite in a secret location in New York City during Fashion Week for a party with free champagne thrown by DONDA, Def Jam and G.O.O.D. music in honor Pusha T's new album, Kanye West took to the mic to tell everyone "I don't give a fuck about none of these corporations, none of these sellouts" and "we don't give a fuck how much goddamn money you make". Everybody seemed to really enjoy it, and didn't think it was appropriate to bring up the time Kanye took $3M to perform at a wedding in Kazakhstan. or the news yesterday that Miley Cyrus would be appearing on the "Black Skinheads" remix. Or the time he went on Kris Jenner's talkshow. Or the time he entered into a contract with E! after he forgot to pull out of Kim Kardashian. Probably not the best time, because I'm paraphrasing here, "EVERYTHING'S COMING UP PUSHA T!"


WARNING: Remember how I said the alcohol was free? This video contains VERY NSFW language.