Farrah Abraham’s Mom Wrote Her A Letter



Back when the new broke of Farrah Abraham's porn broke, her mother Debra Danielson vehemently denied the story, because her daughter is a child of God and a Christian who woul never do such a thing like have sex for money even though she had a child out of wedlock and acted like a spoiled, petulant kid on a reality show. But Farrah just cashed a check for $1,5M, Jesus has touched Debra's heart and told her to forgive her daughter, because Jesus' dad is always short on money. So Debra wrote her a letter.

Farrah & Sophia,

I miss you both so much! Love you and pray God will bless and keep you safe. Want our family to heal and grow. I will NEVER leave you or foresake you. You are a priority in my life.

XOXO Mom & Grandma

Yes, God will bless her and keep her safe. It's all part of God's plan for Farrah to get a shot in the mouth on camera by a porn star, so she can spread the good news of his heavenly kingdom. Or whatever Christians do to justify what they do. Don't forget to tithe, everybody!