LMFAO Were Almost (Literally) Flaming

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So close. TMZ reports:

LMFAO was forced to stop their concert early in Honduras last night — when a fire burned through the concert venue … but cops believe the blaze was no accident. According to local news reports, the fire broke out at the Coliseo Nacional de Ingenieros … towards the end of the LMFAO concert. The group reportedly ended their show after smoke began to fill the arena. According to the reports, no one was killed in the blaze — but at least 15 people were treated for smoke inhalation. Cops told local media … they suspect a “criminal hand” set fire to the electrical system. It’s unclear if any arrests have been made.When you get a record deal because you’re Berry Gordy’s kin and dress like Richard Simmons at a black light party, you should be prepared for things like this. Mostly because things like this are the only things you’ve ever actually earned for yourself.