Hulk Hogan Reportedly Banged Another Wrestler. A Male Wrestler.

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Ooh! Linda Hogan has a tell-all book coming out! I wonder what she’ll say to make you want to buy it! Radar Online reports:

Linda Hogan on Tuesday implied that her ex-husband, Hulk Hogan, carried on an “intimate relationship” with his best pal out of the ring, Ed “Brutus Beefcake” Leslie. The ex wife of the immortal grappler appeared on Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour when the host went through a series of questions culled from fan emails; at one point, he asked Linda if her ex and Beefcake carried on “an intimate relationship.” “Wow, I don’t know how to answer this, so I don’t end up getting a lawsuit,” she said, laughing. “A little bird told me, ‘Yes they think they did.’”

Admittedly, professional wrestling is more homoerotic than a Details magazine, and anybody who watches it probably wrestles with themselves about make the leap to full on gay porn, but let’s just go ahead and call bullshit on this. Hulk Hogan is dating a woman who looks like his daughter, so it’s obvious his thing is transvestites.