Gloria Allred Is Now Involved In Weinergate. You Don’t Say.

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Like a lion in a pantsuit jumping on a gazelle, Gloria Allred never misses an opportunity to give attention whores a voice to tell their side of the story once they realize there’s money to be made. So, as expected, former porn star Ginger Lee has hired Allred to…uhhh…I’m not sure what exactly. TMZ reports:

As if he didn’t have enough on his hands, Congressman Anthony Weinier is about to get Allreded … because Gloria is holding a news conference today with former porn star Ginger Lee, and they’ll talk about that email TMZ told you about in which Weiner told Lee how to lie about their relationship. Yes, Ginger, now a “feature dancer,” will break her silence on the steamy tweets the Congressman sent her, as well as the email he sent after the scandal broke, which reads in part, “The key is to have a short, thought out statement that tackles the top line questions and then refer back to it … Like so many others, I follow Rep Weiner on Twitter …” Ginger will discuss how her “relationship” with Weiner began, what he asked of her and whether she still supports him. The news conference goes down at 12:30 PM ET at the Friar’s Club in NYC.

Some might say that holding a press conference and talking about her secret online relationship with a married Congressman might be difficult and embarrassing for Ginger Lee, but please keep in mind, she’s drank cum out of a chick’s asshole on camera before.