Oh, Mildred You Sexxxy Vixen You

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As you look at these pictures of Mildred Baena that Celebuzz jacked from her MySpace (thanks, btw), please keep in mind that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a two-term Governor of California and is an internationally known action star whose movies have grossed over $1 billion. And he had unprotected sex with this. This. She seems like a nice lady, but then you realize she tricked her husband into raising a baby that wasn’t his for ten years, so maybe this is just her La Quinta Inn & Suites smile. So not only is she a visual dry heave, but she’s an emotionless whore whose vagina must create a vacuum seal or be lined with silk, because I’d rather have sex with Megan Fox after she’s been in the morgue for three days than with this chick after she finished a cycle of P90X.