Kacey Jordan Is Pregnant For Now

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It looks like her registry is listed at Planned Parenthood. Per TMZ:

TMZ obtained the text message Kacey sent Charlie yesterday afternoon (see above). After dropping the bomb — which must’ve floored Charlie — Kacey continued, “I don’t believe it’s yours, but I’m going to Oregon to take care of the situation.”

As for why Kacey thinks Charlie is in the clear … he used protection, but Kacey says both of them were so out of it she’s not sure if it did the trick.

According to our sources, Kacey plans to terminate the pregnancy in the next few days.

We’re told Kacey never heard back from Charlie. He probably hasn’t picked up his jaw off the ground yet.

Weird. I always assumed an abortion was a way of avoiding taking care of a situation. In any case, you can see the full text here, where Kacey Jordan says she “never wanted any of this crazy attention.” Right. Kacey Jordan is a porn star who spoke to the media multiple times about partying with Charlie Sheen. If she were really that bashful she’d find a way to make sure her texts don’t get intercepted. She’d probably also go into another line of work–or at least have stuck to just boning her high school boyfriend and letting him show her skills on X-Tube.

Here’s Kacey leaving Good Morning America. Don’t look at her! She’s shy.