Wade Phillips Got Fired

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Next step, Jerry Jones flying the team to Oz to see if he can get them all new hearts. ESPN reports:

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones fired coach Wade Phillips on Monday, sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder. The move comes less than a year after he was given a two-year contract extension for leading the Cowboys to their first playoff win in over a decade. He will be replaced by offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, the sources said. The end for Phillips came after a 45-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night extended Dallas’ losing streak to five games as the Cowboys — which began the season with Super Bowl expectations — fell to 1-7 overall.

Besides in the media and in the minds of their delusional fans, The Dallas Cowboys have been utterly irrelevant in the NFL since 1995, but after getting blown out 45-7 last night by the Green Bay Packers, the head coach was fired. As matter of full disclosure, I’m a Carolina Panthers fan, but I also live in reality and unplugged from The Matrix, so I’m fully capable of saying they suck. But they’ve also been to a Super Bowl where I didn’t have to look the stats up on dial up.

Note: Btw, any reason why they still call the Cowboys “America’s Team”? I mean, have you seen the people in the stands in Cowboys Stadium? I think Mexico should be suing for naming rights. Or at least make the concession stands sell Goya products.