Tiger’s Main Ho To Do Playboy

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Homewrecking vagina (Tiger Woods, David Boreanz), Rachel Uchitel, plans to go all out with her remaining 15 minutes by posing for Playboy. But apparently she has too much class to go completely nude. TMZ reports:

Rachel hedged when we asked her about a Playboy offer on TMZ Live on Friday — but we found out that Tiger Woods’ #1 mistress has already struck an agreement. A source close to the mag tells us Rachel has the right to pull out any time before the shoot goes down — which is in three weeks. We’re also told Rachel won’t be baring it all — just the backside … and the topside. No word on when the spread will run in the mag.

Man, for a whore she has a real high opinion of herself. I wonder why she won’t show off the kitty? I bet she doesn’t want all those unmarried guys to see it. They just let anybody buy that magazine, you know.