What Can Brown Do For You?

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I’m not sure if you’ve read this anywhere or not, but I just found out that when you get elected to serve in Washington, you’re actually expected to accomplish something. Man, I know right?! I don’t know how Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are gonna react when they find that out, but I hope it’s better than how they felt when a state that’s 88% registered Democrat with a Senate seat that’s been in the Kennedy family for half a century, elected a truck driving Republican who pimped his two daughters during his victory speech. That probably didn’t feel too good. But we need some hot women in Washington, so I’m glad he’s giving me the public option to bang his daughters if I so choose. Liberals and Democrats are usually too busy being offended for other people and fighting amongst themselves to make a salon appointment, but Massachusetts has spoken my friends!

Note: I voted for Ron Paul, so I dare you to say shit to me. I hate Neocons and liberals, but, let’s face it, the conservatives are just way more penis-friendly. If we could win the war on terror by me having a foursome with Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama, Congress might as well pass a stimulus bill to help Bin Laden build a Death Star.