Peaches Geldof: You Gas Is Gonna Get Shut Off

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Just a heads up for those of you all who dig the socialite news. Peaches Geldof, the second daughter of the guy who played Pink in Pink Floyd’s The Wall, is famous for some reason. She has like, a Wikipedia entry and everything.

She also lives in Brooklyn, NY, like lots of other painfully cool people. And though she’s rich and drunk most of the time she isn’t just rich, there seems to be a problem with her gas bill.

Like, she hasn’t paid it.

There were rumors of her getting into a fight in London last week and below are pictures of her drinking out of a coconut at Cochella last weekend. Maybe she’s just been super busy?

So we thought we’d let you know, Peaches: You gotta pay your gas bill. They’ve found you and they want your money.