Joanna Pacitti Got Disqualified

Although she forgot every last lyric of her last judged performance, Joanna Pacitti, the contestant many believed to be a plant (um, yeah), was selected to be part of American Idol’s Top 36 last night. This morning, she’s not. Gee, I wonder why? MTV reports:

It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition,” read a note on the official “Idol” site, which did not explain why Pacitti was disqualified. “Felicia Barton has replaced Ms. Pacitti as part of the top 36.”…According to the Los Angeles Times, an unnamed source close to the show said Pacitti was bounced to “avoid the appearance of impropriety.” It has been reported that Pacitti had some close personal relationships to some of the executives at 19 Management, one of he companies that helps produce the show and manages some of the winners.

Man, it must suck to be this chick. The only way she can get famous now is to kill herself and hope she comes back as Felicia Barton. Good luck!