Kelly Rutherford: The Knocked-Up Divorce

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Kelly Rutherford, who is currently playing Blake Lively’s mother on CW’s Gossip Girl, has filed for divorce from her extremely effeminate looking husband this Friday. His name, should you care, is Daniel Giersch, and e is the father of Kelly’s 2-year-old son, the still breast-fed Hermes Gustaf Daniel Giersch.

To make the situation even more awkward, Kelly is pregnant with a second child, but still filed for divorce due to “irreconcilable differences.”

So which is irreconcilable: a) your husband is secretly gay, b) you new baby isn’t your gay husband’s, c) he really just will not do his part with the breast feeding, d) he doesn’t “get” Gossip Girl.

Really, all four options are acceptable grounds for divorce.