John Woo Has a Dead Stuntman

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A stuntman on John Woo’s battle epic, Red Cliff, was burned alive on Monday in a freak accident involving a boat stunt. Xinhua reports:

The shooting of John Woo’s new movie Chi Bi, or The Battle of Red Cliff, was stopped by a serious fire with one dead and at least three injured, Tuesday’s Beijing News reported. The fire broke on early Monday morning when the crew were shooting a scene that a small smoking boat crashed with a large ancient war vessel at a location in northern suburb of Beijing. A 23-year-old stunt man was killed in the fire, the newspaper quoted the local fire control department. And at least three people were sent to hospital, other sources said. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.”

The good news is that this hasn’t happened before. Because the plot of most John Woo movies revolve around Chow Yun-Fat regulating on as many Chinese dudes as possible. I assume that’s probably not the best working conditions if you’re a stuntman. The evidence supports that the chances of dying on a John Woo film set are about as good as your girlfriend falling in love with me. Well, hellooo. How you doin’?

Here’s actress Zhang Ziyi. She’s Chinese: