Australian Big Brother is Diabolical

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Producers for the Australian version of Big Brother are facing public outcry after they have refused to tell one of the house guests that her father has died. Emma Cornell, an Australian model, has yet to be told that her father, Raymond Cornell, lost his battle with cancer earlier this month. New York Post reports:

The show’s producers have so far refused to break the traditional “BB” ban on letting contestants hear any news from the outside world – including the death of a family member. Two studio-audience members this week held up a sign reading, “Emma, Your Dad is Dead,” before being hustled out and barred for good. Emma didn’t see the sign but, according to a recent online survey, over 80 percent of Australian TV viewers still believe she should be told about her dad’s death. Her family, though, says that Emma was aware her dad could die while she was in the “BB” house.”

Yikes, that’s pretty bad. Although some might say it’s not as bad as the time I told David Beckham I had a miscarriage when in reality I had an abortion. Sorry David, I’m a wild stallion and can’t be tied down.

Update: Emma posed nude before, so here she is. (NSFW) Thanks, Bobby!