Budweiser Releases Gutsy Pro-Immigration Super Bowl Commercial

To many, it already appears the ‘King of Beers’ may have the crown of ads surrounding Super Bowl LI this Sunday.

Budweiser made a strong political statement Tuesday after releasing their upcoming Super Bowl LI spot, “Born The Hard Way.”

The commercial follows the beer company’s immigrant founder, Adolphus Busch, on his torrential quest from Germany to St. Louis during the mid-1800s, before finally meeting Eberhard Anheuser. The pair of entrepreneurs would soon create what would become the largest beer empire in the world.

While the traditional puppies and veterans are always heartwarming, this commercial has been referred to as a “patriotic punch to the gut,” or “Busch Begins,” the origin of a superhero.


“This commercial shows the start of Budweiser’s journey, and while it is set in the 1800’s, it’s a story we believe will resonate with today’s entrepreneurial generation — those who continue to strive for their dreams,” Ricardo Marques, Budweiser’s vice president of marketing, said in a press release.

According to Budweiser, the commercial is unrelated to President Donald Trump’s recent executive order which halts immigration from seven Muslim countries. And they’re telling the truth, considering it takes months to produce, shoot and edit this quality of a spot. However, immigration was a hot button topic long before Trump officially took office.

You’ll see this ad for a while.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.