Tracer is Officially Overwatch’s First LGBT Character

Last month Blizzard responded a fan question regarding the possibility of LGBT characters in Overwatch, saying that there are “multiple” LGBT heroes in the game and that we’d learn more about their back stories soon. Now Blizzard has revealed that one of these heroes is Tracer, releasing an official comic ahead of the Holiday that reveals she is (or, at least, was) in a relationship with a woman called Emily.

While this relationship isn’t referred to in the game itself (yet), Blizzard opting to expand the lore of these characters beyond the selection of in-game heroes in a nice touch. With particularly enthusiastic players having taken to “shipping” its heroes with one another, leading to the creation of a completely unofficial Pharah and Mercy relationship (dubbed “Phamercy”), fans now get a brand new character in the form of Emily to try and unearth more information about.

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The comic, titled ‘Reflections’, sees Tracer in her hometown of London trying to get a gift for her significant other. Her relationship with Emily is revealed in the following panel:


The comic also features a page dedicated to showing Overwatch‘s other heroes celebrating Christmas, including a panel that appears to show Pharah sitting with her as-yet-unrevealed father.


While Tumblr prepares to go into Tracer and Emily (Tramily?) overload, you can check out the comic for yourself right here.