10 Of The Most Insane Things Nicolas Cage Has Ever Done

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

By now, we all know that Nicolas Cage is a little nuts. But maybe you don’t know just how insane he actually is? This list should do the trick.

1. The $276,000 Dinosaur Skull

10 of the Most Insane Things Nicolas Cage has Ever Done

At an auction in 2007 Cage outbid Leonard DiCaprio to purchase a rare dinosaur skull, for some reason. Unfortunately it was later discovered that the skull was stolen from Mongolia. He agreed to return the skull, but you have to wonder why anyone would spend over a quarter of a million dollars on a fossil.

2. The Home Intruder

10 of the Most Insane Things Nicolas Cage has Ever Done

This one isn’t exactly Cage’s fault, but it’s something so ridiculous and bizarre that it could only happen to him. During an interview in 2011 Cage shared this story:

“It was two in the morning. I was living in Orange County at the time and was asleep with my wife. My two-year-old at the time was in another room. I opened my eyes and there was a naked man wearing my leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle in front of my bed. I know it sounds funny … but it was horrifying.”

Turns out the man had mental problems and, after the police arrived, Cage did not press charges. He and his family moved away from that home shortly after.

3. The Mushroom Trip

Who’s the strangest companion you’ve ever done mushrooms with? Nic Cage has a weirder answer:

4. The Silent Stalker


Photo: Hemdale Film Corporation

Celebrity stalkers are nothing to laugh at, as they can often end in tragedy or terror. That is, except for in 2009 when Nic Cage claimed that he was being stalked by a mime. He said that somehow the mime would get past security on the set of “Bringing Out The Dead” and “start doing strange things.” It’s unclear what strange things he meant, but if it was strange behavior for a mime, you know it’s something really strange. Eventually the producers stepped in and he never saw the stalking mime again.

5. The Knife

Photo: Hemdale Film Corporation

Photo: Hemdale Film Corporation

In 2011 Cage was spotted at a knife shop in Alaska buying a custom blade. It’s really not that unusual, except for the one that he picked out was a $2,000 custom ivory knife that was predominantly used for décor or as an accessory when dressed up in fancy clothing, but Cage had other plans. He claimed that he was going to use it as a steak knife. You gotta love him.

6. The Pet He Bought To Help With His Acting


People buy expensive pets all the time, but Cage has dropped some serious money on exotic pets. He bought two pet snakes for $270,000 and spent an untold amount on a pet octopus. Apparently the octopus was worth it because it served a purpose. He said it helped boost his acting. That’s right, an octopus was the inspiration to such cinematic classics as “Con Air” and “Face/Off.” Teach me your ways, oh octopus.

7. The Cover Song

A few years back Cage did a cover of an unlikely pop song. What was it? “Sexy and I Know It,” of course. Listen for yourself:

8. The Pyramid

cage 5

Even death won’t stop Cage from being one of the most bizarre people to ever walk the earth. He’s already made sure of that by purchasing a nine-foot-tall pyramid tomb in a New Orleans Cemetery. Why does he need a pyramid tomb? The real question is why WOULDN’T he need a pyramid tomb.

9. The Night He Got So Drunk He Forgot His Address

10 of the Most Insane Things Nicolas Cage has Ever Done

Nic Cage got drunk. He got REALLY drunk. So drunk that when his wife took him to the home they were renting he flipped out and insisted it was the wrong address and started dragging her to what he believed was their home while striking vehicles and yelling. The police showed up and he was charged with domestic abuse, disturbing the peace and public intoxication. You know you’ve been going too hard when you can’t even remember where you live anymore.

10. But A Hero Came From The Most Unlikely of Places

10 of the Most Insane Things Nicolas Cage has Ever Done

After his arrest in New Orleans, Cage was stuck in jail until someone you probably should guess, but in all likelihood, would never seriously guess paid his bail. That man was none other than Dog the Bounty Hunter. The reality star said that his decision to bail Cage out was because he was a fan and it was part of his job, but had absolutely nothing to do with his television show. Too bad, because it would have made a fantastic episode.

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