WWE NXT Results (3/7) Dusty Tag Team Classic begins, Black Battles Dain!

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WWE NXT Live Results

March 7th, 2018

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round One: The Authors or Pain w/Paul Ellering vs TM61

Rezar tosses Thorne around the ring. Rezar traps Thorne in the corner and pounds on him. Akam tags in and flapjacks Thorne. Thone fires up and lands a few strikes but Akam pushes him into his own corner. Thorne tags in Miller. TM61 hits a tandem Russian leg sweep. Spin cycle by TM61. Akam rolls out of the ring with Rezar. Miller pulls down the top rope and Thorne hits a topé. Back in the ring, Akam picks up Miller and bodyslams him into the corner. Backbreaker into a second rope stomp by AoP.

Akam puts Miller in a cobra clutch. Miller backs Akam into the corner. Miller DDTs Akam. Miller tags in Throne who floors Rezar with a lariat. Leg lariat by Thorne. Rezar falls into the corner. Cannonball by Thorne. Thorne somehow manages to lift Rezar up for a falcon arrow. Rezar kicks out. Thorne hits the rope but Rezar obliterates him with a kick to the face. Powerbomb/neck breaker combo by AoP. AoP sets up their duel DVDs into the corner. Thorne and Miller escape. Rezar is sent out of the ring. Miller his a beautiful moonsault off the top. Akam breaks up the pin. Rezar picks up Thorne and powerbombs him from in the ring out onto the apron. Thorne is done. Has to be. Akam exploder suplexes Miller into the corner. The AoP hit the Last Chapter on Miller for the win.

Winners- The Authors of Pain