Jim Ross Q&A: WWE Announce Team Changes, Young Bucks in WWE, Working with Striker at Wrestle Kingdom 9 & More

jim ross Q&AJim Ross has posted a new Q&A over at JRsBarBQ.com, and below are some highlights:

On the Montreal Screwjob and if Sgt. Slaughter knew about it in advance:

“I was shocked that it occurred and Lawler nor I knew about it in advance. It happened and we called what we saw….HBK winning the WWE Title. After all these years I do not recall if Sarge knew or not.”

On the new WWE announce team changes:

“I’ve got no horse in the race nor do I keep up with it that much but am hopeful that everyone comes together with the necessary chemistry to make the shows better as best that they can. I like Alex [Riley’s] potential but I do know that he wants to wrestle. A shake up occasionally is generally necessary but time will tell how well the new trios work together. I hope that they all find their groove. I’m sure that they all knew what was coming unlike when I went from RAW to Smackdown back in 2008.”

On The Young Bucks in WWE:

“I have no idea if the Young Bucks will ever appear in WWE but they are a very good, young team. Shane’s fall was spectacular but the Foley match had more drama because he was working with Taker, IMO.”

On working with Matt Striker at Wrestle Kingdom 9 and if Savio Vegas will be on the Ross Report:

“WK9 was a blast to be a part of and I had fun working with Matt Striker. Savio being on the podcast is a good idea an I will look into it when I find his contact info.”