Pete Dunne Defeats Bobby Fish Despite Return To The Ring; Oney Lorcan Attacks Bobby’s Tricep

bobby fish

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Bobby Fish flourished in his return to the squared circle, but he did ultimately suffer a loss. The former Undisputed Era member made the most of his bout back when he took on The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne who had Fish’s number this evening.

Fish made clear he still had a bone to pick with, but it was Dunne who had joint manipulation on his mind. Dunne did have a bit of a focus on Fish’s damaged tricep, but Fish flurried back with some strong strikes that included a big-time spinebuster. Bobby battled on, but Dunne dropped his knees over the triceps and the two fight on the outside. An enziguri sets Fish up for an inverted standing guillotine, but an exploder suplex saves Fish and gets him a two count.

Dunne does look to put Fish out of commission, but Bobby rolls through to fight on, but Dunne does Bobby in with his finish for the 1-2-3.

Post-bout, Oney Lorcan comes in to attack Fish that includes Lorcan putting all his weight on Bobby’s bad tricep over the apron. He then charged to smash Bobby’s arm off the side of that apron.