Bill Eadie On Demolition Bringing Out The Best In Tag Teams, What He Wants His Legacy In Wrestling To Be

Bill Eadie will be remembered for being one of the greatest tag team wrestlers ever as Ax of Demolition, but he hopes people also remember he was one of the good guys of the business.

Eadie spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about Demolition’s legacy in the wrestling business, and was asked if he could choose one match that highlighted who they were as a team. Eadie said it’s too difficult to choose one without excluding many deserving opponents, but feels that Demolition could work well with anyone.

“Well, I don’t have one. I think it would be unfair to narrow it down [because] we had several good teams to work with. We had good matches with the [British] Bulldogs, we had good matches with [Rick] Martel and Tito [Santana], we had good matches with the Hart Foundation. A lot of those teams, how could you not have good matches with them? We were fortunate, and like you said earlier with that timeframe, I really believe that with the exception of Hogan, the tag teams drove the company. There were so many good tag teams to work with—[Jim] Brunzell and Brian Blair, Haku and Andre, Warlord and Barbarian, you can go on and on and on, the Rockers. For God’s sake, any of them could have been a main event anywhere,” Eadie said, “and any one of them could have been champions. Tully [Blanchard] and Arn [Anderson] came in later too, so it would be an injustice [to pick one]. I think we had good matches with almost anyone we worked with, and that’s not bragging, I just feel comfortable saying it.”

When asked about his personal accolades in the wrestling business as Ax and the Masked Superstar, Eadie said he hopes people just remember that he was a hardworking, honest guy that took care of his opponents.

“Well, I just want everybody to know that I was an honest guy. I never tried to cheat anybody or step on anybody’s toes. I let my performance in the ring and my interviews set the tone for my characters, whether it was Masked Superstar or Ax. When you talk to the guys,” Eadie explained, “ I think that they realize and they’ve voiced to me quite often that I worked hard in the ring and I wasn’t trying to kill or squash anybody, I was trying to make money and provide for my family.”

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