AEW Teases The Dark Order’s Leader, Brie Bella Recounts Hilarious FCW Story

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

AEW Teases The Dark Order’s Leader

The leader of AEW’s Dark Order is still a mystery, but it might not be for long. In a cryptic tweet sent out on Saturday, AEW sent out a message that looks to be from the leader of the group, but fans quickly found out that the first letter in every line of the message spells out Matt Hardy. Could the recent free agent make his way to the world of All Elite Wrestling, or is this just a clever slight?

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Brie Bella Recounts Hilarious FCW Story

Brie Bella took part in the WWE Network documentary Future WWE: The FCW Story, where she told a story about how FCW President Steve Keirn helped stick up for them after the manager of a local bank kept trying to sign them up. Needless to say, Keirn was having none of it, and let his feelings be known with a garden hose.