Sami Zayn Asks The Undertaker To ‘Pass The Torch,’ Gets A Chokeslam Instead

Tuesday’s SmackDown Live kicked off with a bang, as Undertaker was on hand to get the crowd riled up from the start. The legendary superstar made his way to the ring and talked for a bit about how special of a place Madison Square Garden is, and just how many amazing moments have taken place in the arena.

“I wanted to come out here and take a minute and absorb all this. For the past 30 years, I’ve considered these hallowed grounds my home. Now I don’t know how many times I’ll get to go home anymore, but there’s one thing that I want everyone to remember about this place: the titans that were born here, the legends that made their names here, and the heroes that were created right here in Madison Square Garden. It’s rewarding for me to know that every one of those souls, I took a little piece of them with me. They will not be forgotten … their memories will be going through these hallways for all eternity. Now we usher in a new era of Superstar.”

During the speech, however, Sami Zayn came out to interrupt the legend, saying that while Undertaker is an icon, he shouldn’t be the one opening the show. Zayn hinted that it should have been him, and quickly asked Undertaker to “pass the torch” and leave the stage. While he initially seemed to do so, Undertaker quickly got back into the ring before delivering a brutal chokeslam to Zayn, showing that the phenom still has plenty to do before passing the torch.

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