Breezango Discusses Getting Back Together Again, What The Future Holds

The tag-team duo of Tyler Breeze and Fandango – known as Breezango – made their return to the NXT ring last week. With the group finally back together after a full year, the pair spoke to the WWE about what it means to finally be together, and how they’re both looking to get back into the top shape they were in last year.

“Being a singles competitor is one thing, you got your timing down, your cardio down. But the timing of a tag team match is totally different, not only do you have to be in sync with your opponents, but you got another guy in your corner that you gotta work with,” Fandango said on the duo getting back into “shape” with each other.

For Breeze, he noted that it was fun for the two to find their groove again, especially considering how close the two are. “It was hard for me, I mean all of a sudden, we’re together for what, a couple of years, take [Fandango] out of there, I’m kind of floating on my own, trying to figure out what I’m doing again,” he said. As for the future of the group, the duo said that they don’t think their feud with The Forgotten Sons is over, and that only the future will tell what becomes of the rivalry between the budding tag teams.