Update On The Future Direction Of NXT, Eight Things To Know Before WWE RAW

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Update On Future Direction Of NXT

As reported by PWInsider, there has been no indication one way or another backstage in WWE as to whether or not NXT will indeed be moving to a different platform – as has been heavily rumored over the course of the last few weeks. There are three scheduled upcoming Full Sail tapings beyond this upcoming Thursday on September 11, September 12 and October 12, meaning that if there is some kind of shift on the horizon, an announcement would likely have to come within the next few weeks.

Either way, though, it would appear as if they’re going to have plenty of content to work with regardless of what their next direction will be.

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Eight Things To Know Before WWE RAW

SummerSlam was a crazy show last night full of many high profile moments, and as such, there’s going to be a hefty fallout tonight on Monday Night RAW and beyond. The post-biggest party of the summer is set to deal with a variety of lingering issues that fans want to know the answers too, with WWE putting together a list of eight things for us all to know before it all kicks off in Toronto shortly.