Fandango On Returning To NXT, How Much The Positive Reaction Meant To Him

Fandango made his return to NXT earlier this week to save Tyler Breeze from a beating, thus reuniting the fan favorite Breezango duo. In a new interview with the WWE Performance Center, Fandango detailed his comeback to the ring, and what took him so long.

“Yeah I think the last time we spoke was around January of 2019,” he said of he and Breeze. “Seven months into my recovery for labrum surgery, which I had in July of 2018. My doctors and I were slating me for to come back around February, but getting back in the ring at the PC around that time, we noticed that my injury didn’t heal quickly enough. The tear in the labrum and where the labrum tore off the bone, the healing wasn’t 100% so they decided to give me a few more months off. So two weeks ago, I got the 100% clear, so here I am.”

Fandango went on to detail just how excited he was about getting back into the ring, and how the environment of the NXT is something that he loves. “It’s exciting for me, I told a couple of the guys, it’s the most excited I’ve been,” he said. “Obviously cause I’ve been out of the ring for a year, but even before that when I was still active on the road, this is the most excited I’ve been, because I know down here at NXT, they’ve obviously got great competitions. But this is where I started, and things just in life work out sometimes. I really enjoyed tagging with Breeze and we’ve had a really good run together, and I think there’s still more that we can do together. I think we’ve, like I said last time we spoke, we kind of notched the comedy off our body of work, tagging back up. We can show people how we can really go in the ring knowing that that’s coming to fruition now and then I’m about to get back into the ring and I’ve been training really hard, it’s really exciting, full circle, full sail circle.”

“We live for nights like tonight. At first I was a little bit confused because I’ve never heard a whole crowd chant my name like that. It’s been a few years. After I realized that they’re chanting Fandango, then I got a little bit more nervous.”

Fandango then went on to jokingly discuss the dynamic between himself and Breeze. “Same as before, things haven’t changed. Breeze goes out there, gets his butt kicked, I come out and make it safe.” he said, before sincerely thanking the fans for their love. “From the bottom of my heart man, it meant so much to me to get that reaction and if you guys remember me, and you remember the Fandangoing, and just keep cheering for me, so I can get that reaction every night I go out, us, not just me, us.”