Bully Ray: There’s An Honesty In Dolph Ziggler’s Anger That Make Him Believeable

Dolph Ziggler’s recent behavior, as he makes a run for the WWE Championship, has been one of the more interesting parts of he and Kofi Kingston’s ongoing feud. On SiriusXM’s Busted Open radio, David LaGreca and Bully Ray talked about how the anger that Ziggler is showing is helping make this storyline great, and makes Ziggler even more of a star.

“He’s acting like a heel should,” LaGreca said. “He’s blaming every one but himself … that’s what a heel does, bitches and complains and whines. That’s what this story is something that I’m buying into. And now, especially based on what I’ve seen over the last two shows, is something that I’m absolutely invested in going into Stomping Grounds.”

Comparing Ziggler to former WWE superstar Taz, Bully Ray said that the feeling of being passed over and angry is helping Ziggler. “Taz actually did feel passed over back in the day … and that anger ran true, because it was honest anger. And I think there is a bit of honesty to Dolph’s anger right now,” he said. “Deep down inside, Dolph feels that ‘Listen, I’ve gave you my best years, and I’ve only been given a taste of success every now and then.’”

Bully Ray and LaGreca both agreed that he pair would have a great match at Stomping Grounds, and with Ziggler once again tapping into an angrier persona, who knows what will become of the feud after Sunday.

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