WWE NXT Results (3/27/19)

Matt Riddle vs. Kona Reeves

Reeves traps Riddle in the ropes. Reeves lands a knee to Riddle’s gut. Riddle sweeps Reeves’ leg. Riddle tries a standing moonsault but Reeves rolls out of the way. Riddle lands on his feet, then hit a running senton. Suplex by Riddle. Velveteen Dream is carried out on the stage on a couch. Reeves hits a side suplex. Riddle kicks out. Reeves puts Riddle in a cobra clutch. Riddle escapes and lands a few strikes. Ripcord knee by Riddle. Riddle looks at Dream and lays in a few nasty elbows to Reeves. Riddle puts Reeves in the Bro-Mission. Reeves taps out.

Winner- Matt Riddle

After the match, Dream announces the winner, “Matthew Riddle”. Riddle bops up the ramp and takes Dream’s cup. Riddle takes a sip and tosses it. Riddle tells Dream that he will see him at TakeOver.

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