Tessa Blanchard

Photo Credit: WWE

A third-generation superstar, Tessa Blanchard has proved to be so much more than the label given to her. She’s shown tremendous improvement and is considered by many as the best female wrestler in North America not signed to WWE.

She’s one of the biggest prospects in wrestling today and the future seems bright!

Birthday: July 26th, 1995

Height: 5’5

Weight 126 lb (57 kg)

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Ring Names: Tessa Blanchard

Promotions They Have Wrestled For

  • Impact Wrestling
  • World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
  • Zelo Pro
  • WrestleCircus
  • The Crash
  • Shimmer Women’s Athletes
  • RISE Wrestling
  • Remix Pro Wrestling (RPW)
  • PCW Ultra
  • Lucky Pro Wrestling (LPW)
  • Exodus Wrestling Alliance (EWA)
  • East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)
  • Canadian Wrestling Federation (CWF)
  • American Pro Wrestling Alliance (APWA)

Titles Held

  • Impact Knockouts championship
  • APWA World Ladies Championship
  • CWF Women’s Championship
  • ECWA Women’s Championship
  • EWA Florida Heavyweight Championship
  • EWA Heavyweight Championship
  • PCW Ultra Women’s Championship
  • PWX Women’s Championship
  • Remix Pro Fury Championship
  • Phoenix of RISE Championship
  • Shimmer Tag Team Championship
  • The Crash Women’s Championship
  • WSU Championship
  • WC Lady of the Ring Championship
  • WC Sideshow Championship


  • George South
  • Tully Blanchard
  • Magnum T.A

Notable Career Highlights:

Impact Knockouts Championship


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