(Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Pac is known today as one of the best high flyers in the world. He enjoyed a 5-year stint with WWE, where he achieved considerable success. 

Birthday: 22nd August 1986

Height: 5’8

Weight: 194 lb (88 kg)

Hometown: Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Ring Names:

  • Pac
  • Neville
  • Adrian Neville
  • Ben Sacilly
  • Benjamin Satterley
  • Darkside Hayabusa
  • Jungle Pac

Promotions They Have Wrestled For:

  • World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
  • All Elite Wrestling (AEW)
  • Dragon Gate
  • Dragon Gate USA
  • Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG)
  • 3 Count Wrestling
  • American Wrestling Rampage (AWR)
  • Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA)
  • Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF)
  • One Pro Wrestling (1PW)
  • Over The Top Wrestling (OTT)
  • SoCal Uncensored
  • Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw)

Titles Held:

  • WWE NXT Championship
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship
  • PWG World Tag Team Championship
  • wXw World Lightweight Championship
  • OTT No Limits Championship
  • 1PW Openweight Championship
  • IWF Tag Team Championship
  • FWA Flyweight Championship
  • Open the United Gate Championship
  • Open the Dream Gate Championship
  • Open the Brave Gate Championship
  • Open the Twin Gate Championship
  • Open the Triangle Gate Championship (3 times)
  • AWR No Limits Championship
  • 3CW Heavyweight Championship
  • 3CW North East Championship

Trainers: Independent Wrestling Federation

Notable Career Highlights:

  • Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion
  • NXT Champion (287 days)


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