Silas Young On His Real Man Gimmick, TV Championship, The Wrestling Lifestyle & More

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR/Lee South

Ring of Honor’s Silas Young recently took part in an interview with DirtFork, as he continues to rise up through the ranks of the promotion.

On how his Real Man gimmick came to life:

“The Real Man thing came about as a nod to my father and just how guys are nowadays. The whole Real Man thing comes about as basically if our fathers or grandfathers looked at how men act nowadays, they’d be ashamed. Men of today are not the men our fathers were or our fathers’ fathers were.”

On the wrestling lifestyle:

“It’s a lot of travel especially on the UK tour. It seemed every day, you were getting on a plane to fly somewhere or getting on a bus or getting on a train,” Young said. “Luckily, the trains in the UK sell beer on them so a lot of the nights after the shows, we’d ride back on the train and buy all of the beer on the train that they had. We’d all hang out, drink, and play some games and do whatever to have fun and pass the time.”

On the TV Championship:

“As a kid growing up, you watch wrestling on TV and see these guys with these title belts and it’s the greatest thing in the world. So to be wrestling for a reputable company with a worldwide reach and be a multiple time champion and have some great title defenses during the run is a great honor.”

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