Tama Tonga On Fighting For The Bullet Club & Being A Fan Of Neville


During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Tama Tonga has spoken about his attempted takeover of The Bullet Club. Tonga has led the newly formed Firing Squad in an attempt to rid BC of The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes, and as you can see below, he has some interesting plans for the group moving forward. Tonga is a Bullet Club original and has been one of the ever-presents in the faction over the last few years with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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On the war for Bullet Club:

You have their side—the ROH side—against the Japan side of me, [Bad Luck] Fale, and [Tanga] Loa. Bullet Club was born in New Japan, but the Young Bucks ain’t signed in New Japan. Cody ain’t signed in New Japan. Brandi ain’t signed with New Japan. From my understanding, a lot of them are becoming free agents at the end of this year. So, let’s see, who really is Bullet Club?

On being a fan of Neville:

I know Neville and I’ve followed his work. He’s a phenomenal worker and he’s been here in New Japan before, I watched him in the Super Juniors in 2012. I love his work.

On All In:

All In, they did a great job—but for me, I was offered a role in it and I turned it down,” said Tonga. “I appreciate them reaching out, but I’m good.

On recruiting for Bullet Club:

We are expanding and enlisting. Inside of Japan, outside, everywhere, this is real. I have been given the green light to recruit, and that is not a storyline. That is real. Inside New Japan, America, the U.K., anywhere in Europe, Africa, India. I’m looking for talent.