Would WWE Buy Ring Of Honor?

Would WWE Buy Ring Of Honor?

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On a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked whether WWE would seriously consider buying Ring of Honor and responded with,

“Anything is possible. WWE never buys anything for big money. They never offer. That’s just not their way of doing things and I can’t imagine Ring of Honor would be sold for a cheap price. You can’t say never and there was talk – of course WWE would have so much money; but, they’re not UFC. UFC tries to aggressively buy other companies and WWE doesn’t do that. They may buy Progress or ICW, if they want to take it over; but, if they do, they’ll probably close it down. So, why would you buy Ring of Honor? The tape library has value for sure. I think the only way they would get it is if nobody wanted it and it would be shut down, so you better hope they don’t buy it.”

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