Rey Mysterio Comments On All In & Potential WWE Return In Latest ‘Ross Report’

Rey Mysterio Comments On All In & WWE Return In Latest ‘Ross Report’

Photo Credit: Ringside w/ Jim Ross

On the latest episode of The Ross ReportJim Ross‘ guest happened to be the very busy, very much talked about Rey Mysterio Jr. who had a few thoughts to share regarding his return to WWE and the milestone year 2018 has been for him in the wrestling industry (transcription credit goes to Wrestling Inc.):

On his return to WWE and what his future with the company holds:

“We started off with an anonymous call in January [about] coming back for the [Royal] Rumble, which was a big surprise to the fans because every time I go to a signing they say, ‘damn, Rey, I did not expect to see you there,’ so I guess that started off the whole conversation about possibly making a return. We’re still in the mix of it. We’ve been going back and forth, talking about possibly returning this month and then this month, so the longer it extends, the more I get work outside. That’s my bread and butter. That’s what I do for a living. I’m just waiting for them to say, ‘now’.” Mysterio explained, “when they say, ‘now,’ if the time is right, let’s go!”

On his historic year:

“I think God put me in the position to be where I’m at now.” Mysterio continued, “I’ve been very blessed throughout my [pro wrestling] career, J.R. and to be able to start off the year with the Rumble, unexpected, and then moving onto The Greatest Royal Rumble, and then, still for the first time doing my show in New Japan, which that was checked off my bucket list. I’ve never been there before and I was very excited and pleased to go for the first time. And the year’s not over yet. All In, last [Saturday], it was history. I just felt I’ve been at the right place at the right time.”

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