NWA Champion Nick Aldis Talks Combining Old School Principles W/ Modern Delivery At All In, ‘We Don’t Need A Big Company’

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org / Simon Q

Prime Time Wrestling’s  Sean Mooney interviewed NWA World Champion Nick Aldis ahead of his All In match against Cody Rhodes.

Aldis talked combining old school principles with a modern delivery, as well as no longer needing a big company to accomplish All In’s lofty goals,

“There’s a word I’ve used a lot to describe it which is serendipity and I think that there’s a reason that the NWA World Championship is being defended at this event and I think because in many ways it sorta represents where we’re at as far as the wrestling world outside of the WWE. What we attempted to do from the very beginning was to reinforce some of those old school principles with a modern delivery system with the 10 Pounds of Gold series and stuff like that and it worked synergistically with what Cody and the [Young] Bucks and all these guys were doing by building their audience and putting content out immediately that people could see and follow and gravitate to. I think its just a way now that we’re able to reach our audience. We don’t need a big company. We don’t need a ton of funding. With a bit of imagination like the effort Dave LaGana does to shoot and edit these videos and put them out – we can reach and build an audience. What Cody and I have proved is that by taking out time; but, using a modern delivery system we can generate huge interest in a one on one world title match in that old fashioned way where we haven’t even touched. It’s all just anticipation for when we finally lock horns and it’s sold out and it’s gonna do a good pay-per-view number I’m sure.”

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