Triple H Says 2018’s Mae Young Classic Will Be Of A Whole New Level

Triple H Says 2018’s Mae Young Classic Will Be Of A Whole New Level

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Triple H was present at the Mae Young Classic: Bracketology special that aired on the WWE Network tonight. He was asked a number of questions about the upcoming tournament, you can find the highlights below:

Mauro Ranallo asked Triple H about the roster of this year’s Mae Young Classic. Triple H said he was blown away last year from the first tournament. They weren’t sure how many women they could find for the tournament, but this year’s tournament is the next level.

He revealed that it was hard to get all the competitors last year because some of them were not available due to bookings, etc. but this year everybody was waiting for the Mae Young Classic. According to Triple H, this year’s roster is a whole another level.

2018 WWE Mae Young Classic Bracket Revealed

Beth Phoenix next asked why it is so important for ‘The Game’ to see women equal to men in the WWE.

Triple H said he wants someone who has passion and desire for the ring to have an opportunity and a platform to showcase themselves.

He wasn’t sure before if the fans were ready for something like this. But he’s sure they are now, and they’re screaming for it. Mae Young Classic will be another example of women showcasing their passion by knocking it out of the park.

Triple H was asked where he sees the women going in the future.

The COO of the WWE thinks they can go anywhere they want to. He explained how performers like Beth Phoenix don’t see the impact they can have on the young generation. As the previous generation of wrestlers influenced the new one, all these women are going to influence the young ones watching.