Trish Stratus Returns To Raw

Trish Stratus Returns To Raw

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Elias, who was dissing Toronto with his songs, was interrupted by none other than Trish Stratus on this week’s episode of Raw.

Elias tells Trish that it is a nice change for her to be in the ring to see him instead of changing diapers at home.

He says his performance in Toronto is like the Stanley Cup, neither would be coming to Toronto. Trish says the same is true for Elias and the WWE Championship.

The two go back and forth taking shots at each other. Trish then mentions the WWE Evolution match with Alexa Bliss and Elias disses that as well. Trish asks Elias to pack his things up and get out of the ring. Elias tells her that he doesn’t date women in their 60’s and gets slapped by her hard.

Ronda Rousey and Natalya come out to the ring and the three women stand together while Alexa Bliss comes out with Alicia Fox and addresses the WWE Evolution match.

She says she is going to give Trish a beatdown and nothing can save her from it.