Major Update On Brian Christopher’s Passing – 4 Different Witnesses Reportedly Come Forward, Malfunctioning Prison Camera Rumors

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WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler took to his Dinner With The King podcast to give an update on his son Brian Christopher’s passing and the on-going investigation related to the circumstances of his death,

“I know that everything that was reported said that Brian committed suicide by hanging himself and now since that time…I have serious doubts that that actually happened. Things that right now we’re not at liberty to discuss, some of the parts about it. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is conducting their own investigation as to what happened and it’s still an ongoing investigation at this time. Once they finish that they will report to the Attorney General in Hardeman County unfortunately. That’s the same place the jail and the sheriff – I don’t know – to me it all it seems like….”

Co-host Glenn Moore then chimed in with,

“The Good Old Boys Network, basically.”

Lawler concurred,

“That’s what goes on up there in Hardeman County. It’s very frustrating.”

Lawler understands that nothing will bring his son back and only wants to know the truth. According to Lawler, four different eye witnesses have come forward. These are witnesses that claim to have seen events leading up to the time of Christopher’s passing. According to Lawler, all of the witnesses have been on the same page with nearly identical stories. Lawler adds that none of the witnesses have anything to gain and that the majority of them fear for their own safety.

Lawler claims that the jail is a fairly new facility and that he learned from an inmate that there were cameras “everywhere.” Lawler also heard a rumor that twenty of the jail’s surveillance cameras were suddenly and mysteriously inoperable at the time of Christopher’s passing.

Readers interested in hearing more may listen to Dinner With The King in its entirety HERE.

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

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