Marty Scurll On Facing Kazuchika Okada At All In, Watching Wrestling As A Kid

Marty Scurll sat down for a ten-question interview with where he discussed his earliest memory of pro wrestling, facing Kazuchika Okada, and more. Here are a few highlights:

Marty Scurll on what is earliest memory of pro wrestling is:

I started watching at a very early age, maybe 5 years old. I remember watching old British wrestling tapes and being mesmerized, and then watching American wrestling, guys like [Hulk] Hogan and Undertaker and being blown away. How could Hulk be so strong? How could Undertaker feel no pain? It was all very fascinating to me.

Scurll’ most embarrassing moment in wrestling:

Losing my [IWGP] Junior Heavyweight Title to Will Ospreay. But we won’t talk about that.

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On facing Kazuchika Okada at All In:

It’s a great opportunity to show the world what I’m capable of. A lot of times this year I’ve been in big tag matches or multi-mans, which are fun, but I believe I thrive in singles competition. It’s going to be special.

On The Villian Club:

Thank you to my fans who continue to support me. I will always do my best to provide something a little different, always up the ante and to hopefully make wrestling not only cool again, but fun. I cannot do that without you, so thank you from the one true villain.