Abyss “Thrilled” About Hulk Hogan’s Reinstatement Into Hall Of Fame

Abyss recently spoke with The Wrestling Epicenter for an interview. You can check out a few highlights below:

Abyss On deciding to re-sign with Impact Wrestling:

“It was a pretty easy decision for me. I love the company. I’ve been a part of it for, gosh, going on 17 years, since the beginning. It was a pretty easy decision for me. I was able to put together a pretty nice package to continue my duties as a wrestler, as an agent, and producer. I’m really excited about being able to stay on board and being able to contribute to the team, getting in the ring, and working with the young talent and getting them to where we want and need them to be.”

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On Hulk Hogan being reinstated to WWE Hall of Fame:

“I’m thrilled about it. I’m so happy for him. I know how much it means for him to be back in the Hall of Fame. I got to know him really, really well when Hulk was working for Impact Wrestling. We became close, we became friends. We still talk. A lot of the things that happened were unfortunate. A lot of the things that happened were not good. I think he was truly apologetic. I think he truly feels sorry about it. I think he’s taken his rightful place back in the WWE Hall of Fame and back in wrestling history. I think that means more to him than anything in the world.”