Rey Mysterio Gives An Update On WWE Talks, Involvement With All In, 2K19 & More (Video)

Photo by Mike Pont/WireImage

Rey Mysterio sat down with The Miami Herald for an interview while he was in town for the Florida Supercon. In the discussion, Rey gives an update on a return to WWE, his involvement with All In and being heavily featured in WWE 2K19. The video is below along with a few snippets of the interview:

On WWE negotiations:

“We started off with the Royal Rumble at the beginning of the year in January,” Mysterio said. ”There was another offer on the table to do the Greatest Royal Rumble, and in between those two events, we’ve been going back-n-forth in conversations, trying to work out the right deal…It’s still up in the air. Nothing secure, yet.”

On All In involvement:

“There’s a big event coming up. I don’t think anyone wants to miss, which is the All In event that’s gonna happen Sept. 1 in Chicago,” he said. “I think that’s gonna be the one you wish you were there, if you don’t have your tickets. So make sure you stay tuned, because that’s gonna be top notch.”

On WWE 2K19:

“It was very nostalgic. It was humbling,” Mysterio said. “To see the amount of work that was put in by WWE to get this product out. To do things like they always do, top notch. My respect goes out to those who paid respect for Rey Mysterio. Whether it’s The Miz saying he’s the best, that’s a form of flattery from his end, a form of paying respect to what I’ve done for almost three decades.”

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