David Arquette Gets Shunned By RJ City, Kofi Kingston Visits EA Headquarters (Video)

Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

David Arquette Gets Shunned By RJ City

Not only did David Arquette wrestle with two broken ribs in his return match, but the former WCW Heavyweight Champion suffered a great defeat at the hands of RJ City. Despite this fact, Arquette still wants to keep sportsmanship alive and has extended an olive branch to his opponent on several occasions. Unfortunately for Arquette, RJ City wants no part in his games of gifting:

I originally thought that was a picture of Chevy Chase as Fletch, but nay, it’s Paul Simon. This feud runs deeper than I thought.

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Kofi Kingston Visits EA Headquarters (Video)

In hype of Madden being released yesterday, Kofi Kingston (donning a New England Patriots shirt) visited the Electronic Arts headquarters yesterday and made an interesting discovery about the office: