I’m Just An Advocate: Five Acts That Would Flourish Under Paul Heyman

I’m Just An Advocate: Five Acts That Would Flourish Under Paul Heyman

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The phrase “Paul Heyman Guy” has been beaten so much into wrestling mat these days that the mic under the ring needs to be replaced, but just like the question “who’s going to be the next LeBron?” those previous three words together perks more than a few ears up. My ears tend to join the party (hell, they bring noise makers), but just like King James or Bill Belichick, Paul Heyman’s name has plenty of cache in his respective profession.

If I’m to be forthright, I say we do not see Paul Heyman for a very long time after SummerSlam as Roman Reigns finally slays The Beast at Barclays, but last Monday’s Raw did leave fans with a glimmer of optimism that Heyman, in some form or fashion will be exiting as Lesnar’s liaison from a character standpoint. This rightfully so, creates one of the funnest aspects of being a wrestling fan: speculation.

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If Heyman were to stick around, who exactly on the roster would benefit most from tying their wagon to the ECW mastermind? “Anyone” is a pretty accurate answer, but who would truly be the best candidates to be bestowed with avocation? After all, one could argue that the two WWE acts that Paul has previously managed didn’t necessarily need to have Heyman as a mouthpiece (or co-conspirator for that matter), but Heyman did add that extra layer of sleazebag to the CM Punk and Brock Lesnar characters. Greenhorn or grizzled vet, if handled right and given time, Paul by anyone’s side can make that person “The Next Big Thing.” Let’s take a look at five (technically six) candidates worthy of Heyman’s services.

I’m Just An Advocate: Five Acts That Would Flourish Under Paul Heyman

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1. Roman Reigns

Let’s get the obvious out in the open – Roman Reigns as an act would be elevated in every positive way possible with Heyman. Vince has been just a terrible dog owner for the past five years by keeping him chained to that corporate kennel. The sad part is is that the kennel may be totally sterilized, but the Big Dog’s “Yard” hasn’t been maintained. Paul would take the chain off Reigns, let him dig a few much needed holes to bury a couple character bones in and in turn, would shovel out any of the crap that Vince has allowed his prized pooch to wallow in for so long. Heyman wouldn’t even need a leash, Roman could walk right beside him without any worry of running into traffic. The two would thrive off each other rather than Roman using Heyman as a harness (Okay, enough with the canine references, Dominic).

Authors Of Pain and Paul Ellering

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2. Authors Of Pain

Vince sure did Paul Ellering dirty by casting him off into the footnotes of Akam & Rezar’s story of Raw, didn’t he? And so far AOP‘s big red book has been nothing better than a paperweight. Both of have shown that their promo skills are not as intimidating as their ring presence —  AOP absolutely needs some sort of mouthpiece. You put these two monsters with Heyman? You got yourself a real page-turner that could run rough shot on the competition that causes both tag divisions to get a hard reset. Heck, you get align them with a heel Reigns in a new, evil version of The Shield and we could be looking at the next big faction in wrestling.

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