Harper Opens Up About Early Personal Turmoil W/ Rowan, A Change Of Heart About The Wyatts, & Talks First Conversation W/ Bray

Harper Opens Up About Early Personal Turmoil W/ Rowan, A Change Of Heart Regarding The Wyatts, & Talks First Conversation W/ Bray

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Smackdown Superstar Luke Harper was a recent guest on the E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness where he opened up to Edge & Christian about his time in the WWE.

On an early personal feud between he & fellow Bludgeon Brother Rowan:

When we first started, me and Rowan hated each other. I don’t know what it was. We just didn’t get along. We were forced to room together. He’s taller than me. If you look at some of my old pictures, I clearly tried to put weight on and it didn’t work well. He’s a f*cking giant and he snores. So, I didn’t sleep a lot. We just didn’t get along. Slowly came the realization of, ‘Hey man, we are stuck together. Are we gonna fight against it or are we just gonna do it?’ It took me a long time to realize that; but, when I did, we made it work way better.

On a recent change of heart regarding his time in the Wyatt Family:

You’re fighting against yourself. You’re fighting against management. It took me awhile to learn. Early I wanted to fight against things, ‘Oh I feel like a background dancer here in the back of the Wyatts.’ Man, looking back now I wish we could still be doing that. I’m on TV every week, plenty of TV, you’ve got to look at some of the positives of the situation.

On his first conversation with Bray Wyatt:

I got a call before I was even signed, before I had medicals or anything…he puts Bray Wyatt on the phone, I’ve never met him, and this guy talks to me for 20 minutes about this idea he has & how I would fit in perfect and how this is gonna be great, the best thing that’s ever happened and literally my head was spinning. I don’t know if you’ve ever talked to Bray; but, he can talk. I wasn’t even signed yet. Then by the time I got down there like the first couple weeks we tried it out. We used to do it in promo class for Dusty [Rhodes] and he loved it. Then we got Rowan involved and then the rest kinda fell together.

Readers interested in listening to the Harper interview in its entirety may do so below:

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