Complete Sheriff’s Statement On The Death Of Brian Christopher Lawler


Photo Credit: YouTube / NWA Appalachia has obtained the official sherriff’s statement from Hardeman County Sheriff John Doolen in regards to Brian Christopher Lawler’s death. The statement reads:




Mr. Lawler, a resident of Hardeman County, was arrested for third offense DUI, driving on a revoked driver’s license and felony evading arrest.  Mr. Lawler’s bond was set at $40.000.  He appeared before the Judge of the General Sessions Court at which time his family requested time to determine if they were going to hire a private attorney or wanted the public defender to represent Mr. Lawler.

Mr. Lawler, because of his notoriety, was placed in a cell by himself but as the Sheriff’s Department had no indication he was suicidal, he was not on suicide watch.

When Mr. Lawler was discovered, he was given CPR and air lifted to the MED in Memphis.  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation was notified and requested to investigate the circumstances surrounding Mr. Lawler.

Any further information will be provided by Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Lawler passed away at age 46 after an attempted suicide while in custody for a DUI incident earlier this month.

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