Is New Japan Pro Wrestling Setting Out To Overtake WWE?; Jim Ross Health Update

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Is New Japan Pro Wrestling Setting Out To Overtake WWE?

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross took to The Jim Ross Report podcast and offered his own opinion as to whether he thinks NJPW would be able to one day overtake WWE,

“In America? North America? Anywhere? No, they’re not. They’re not gonna overtake the WWE. That’s not a knock. I talked to the CEO of that company, New Japan, a wonderful man…and that’s not their goal. Their goal is to expand and build their brand in the North American region specifically at this time. Nowhere during our long conversation we had in San Francisco before the Cow Palace did he ever say, ‘Yeah, we’re coming to America & we’re gonna kick WWE’s ass.’ Because he’s too smart a businessman. He knows that can not be done and it’s not an issue. If you’re smart, just take care of your own business. If you’re a businessman and you’re worried about the competition every night and day, you’re screwing yourself. Worry about what you do. Only worry about things you have the opportunity to control and I guarantee you nobody can control the growth and popularity of WWE except WWE.”

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Jim Ross Health Update

Jim Ross was asked if he would return to NJPW to do an angle with Jay White & Josh Barnett, after suffering an injury while announcing the G-1 Special in San Francisco.

Ross responded via The Jim Ross Report podcast and also gave a health update,

“I thought about it for like two seconds and the answer is not just no; but, hell no. Are you kidding? I’m still sore for god’s sakes. I’m sorry. I’m not being a puss; but, I’m an old man and I’m still sore. You know, when you’ve still got to sleep in a chair after two or three weeks ’cause I just can’t get comfortable laying down and I’m not gonna drug myself into some state of being comatose or in a coma.”

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