How To Fix Bray Wyatt

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Braun Strowman cashes in his MITB briefcase and wins the Universal Title, the next night on RAW he invites Nicholas to join him in the ring for his celebration. The crowd chants, “get these hands,” as Nicholas takes the microphone and says, “I used to look up to you, but you’re a fraud, you’re just a dumb monster. Follow the buzzards”. Wait, what? The crowd goes silent in shock, “what’s going on?” A hurt and stunned Braun stares at him as the lights go out, they turn back on and a smiling Bray Wyatt is standing with Nicholas. Braun looks from one to the other and then steps forward and crouches to be able to talk to Nicholas face to face, “don’t listen to him, he’s not your friend!” Nicholas smiles in a creepy and emotionless way and then suddenly spits in his face. Braun is in shock as Bray steps forward and hits him with the Sister Abigail. Nicholas then looks at Bray with a hopeful look and asks, “did I do good… father?”

Next week Bray says that Braun is a monster and that his job was to serve Bray, but he decided to go on his own and that was a mistake. Now, Bray will teach him a lesson. He says that Nicholas has been bullied in school ever since he “won” the RAW Tag Team Titles with Braun and how it is all Braun’s fault. Nicholas’s real parents are helpless, Braun throwing Kevin Owens from the top of the steel cage traumatized Nicholas and many other kids. Braun is a mistake but Bray is the answer. He says that everyone will soon be like Nicholas and call him their “father” because he will teach them and lead them all into a new era in the WWE…

AJ Styles is standing in the ring with the WWE Title. He’s doing a promo about the next challenger to his title. The lights go out. When the lights are back on, a laughing Bray Wyatt is sitting in a rocking chair behind him.  Styles quickly turns around, but the lights go out again, when they’re back on The Bludgeon Brothers are next to Styles and then immediately attack him. The camera pans backstage to reveal that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been taken out as well. The Bludgeon Brothers pick up the beaten down Styles, and hand him over to Wyatt, who hits him with the “Sister Abigail”….

AJ is arguably the most popular wrestler in the company and is in the midst of a lengthy WWE Title reign. Braun Strowman is a popular babyface in line for a Universal Title reign. Bray Wyatt has been one of the most dominant heels in recent memory and now after barely losing any matches for months is about to once again be a world champion…

Only the first two descriptions are true. Wyatt is not a dominant heel, he’s a babyface sidekick in a tag team on a losing streak. Bray Wyatt has to be the most misused superstar in the WWE today. He’s good on the microphone, he’s solid in the ring, he’s over with the fans and he has an original character. He’s a perfect heel main eventer. He should be one of the top heels. Especially on RAW where one is badly needed. Instead, he’s being wasted. It’s staggering how horribly he’s been booked in the WWE. He debuted in the Summer of 2013 and until WrestleMania XXX in 2014, was one of the hottest acts in the company. He was even undefeated for a while, going over Kane and then Daniel Bryan. He was set for a huge feud with John Cena and that’s where we get to a point where “what should’ve happened” and “what did” go in separate directions.

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