Tama Tonga Released From Twitter Jail After Wild Interaction & Wants To Find The Rat

Photo Credit: TV Asahi/NJPW

Tama Tonga may have been on a briefly enforced Twitter hiatus after chirping with a fan. Tonga, playing off his heel persona, got into an interaction that escalated quite quickly. You can see a snippet of the interaction below, but the Tweet that potentially got Tonga in hot water was deleted (transcribed below from a screenshot):


The user then went on to say that his profile picture used to be of two fallen soldiers, going on to tell Tonga:

“Some of us have to go fight wars so you can go play pretty princess in Japan.”

Tonga, however, was apart of the Air Force for six years, so the member of the Firing Squad told the fan the following:

“Ohhh two fallen soldiers..too bad it wasn’t you, you pussy. Go sacrifice yourself like a real soldier. I did my time. Go do yours, you coward ass”

The conversation continued:


One of (or several) of these Tweets apparently got Tonga in hot water with Twitter enough for a short stint in the birdhouse behind bars, but now “The Bad Boy” is free and he wants to find the rat:

I don’t know what to say about this except that it’s thoroughly entertaining. Heel Twitter Tonga is “do or die.”

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