Exclusive: Moose Talks Slammiversary, Transitioning From The NFL, The Impact Grand Championship, Lashley, More

Moose Talks To WrestleZone About Slammiversary, Transitioning From The NFL, The Impact Grand Championship, Lashley, More

Moose talked to Robert DeFelice of WrestleZone ahead of his main event match with Austin Aries at Slammiversary XVI which will be LIVE on pay-per-view tonight. Moose discussed a multitude of topics including learning from Lashley, DeAngelo Williams, The Impact Grand Championship, The current state of Impact Wrestling and more.

Robert: How are you today, Moose?

Moose: I’m doing good. Life is good. I’m just enjoying my time here in Toronto, Canada. The weather is great and I’m getting ready for Slammiversary.

Robert: Yes, and you have the World Championship match with Austin Aries, and we’ll get into that more in a little bit, but first, I want to talk about your rise in pro wrestling and your transistion from the NFL. What has that been like?

Moose: It’s been an easy transistion for me but I keep working at it and improving.

Robert: You had done some work in Ring of Honor and now you have been in Impact Wrestling for quite a few years. Why is Impact Wrestling the best fit for Moose?

Moose: Impact Wrestling has really helped me develop my television skills and has made me a better television star.

Robert: Last year at Slammiversary you had a tag team match with DeAngelo Williams, who will be returning to Impact Wrestling. What do you see for him in the near future in Impact Wrestling?

Moose: Well I would like for him to become a full-time wrestler but he’s stated he has no interest in that. So, we’ll see what happens.

Robert: What does this match with Austin Aries mean to you? Austin Aries is a guy who’s been on fire and has been collecting belts left and right everywhere he goes. Why is Moose the guy who’s going to dethrone him once and for all?

Moose: Austin Aries is good and he’s definitely the belt collector but I could be a belt collector too if I called the local promotions and asked them to put me against their champion, but he only has one championship that matters to me and that is the Impact Wrestling World Championship. He’s definitely got more experience than me but we’ll see what happens when it’s time for our fists to do the talking. I am gonna go out there and beat the sh*t out of him.

Robert: Wow. There’s definitely a lot of intensity there. This is a big time for you and Impact Wrestling, with the company being at a crossroads and ultimately on the rise. You find yourself in a position to be the face of Impact Wrestling going into 2019 and beyond. What to you is the key element for Impact Wrestling being the hot wrestling brand of 2018

Moose: Well like you said we’re very hot right now. And I think we just have to keep doing what we’re doing and improving.

Robert: Is there somebody to you from Ring of Honor or another promotion that you think could come in to Impact Wrestling and make a big impact?

Moose: Well, you can always name names, but the problem is that you never know who’s free.

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